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Pursuing Excellence Through Simplicity

Chris Landtiser

I’m a web developer that combines my wide experience with my love of efficient simplicity to create the best solutions possible.


Listen to my podcast project, Front End Center. It's all about design, development, and how to keep things simple and effective.


Quality design and concise code make your goals happen and keep your users happy. Simple, flexible technology can move mountains.

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Sunbreak Projects
Sunbreak Projects

is a team of web and business specialists who are able to provide uniquely customized solutions tailored to each client’s goals. I handled the entire branding initiative and site building process.

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Keineid Community
Keineid Community

is a growing gaming community that offers a place to congregate and compete for players across any platform and any game. The site leverages modern styles and functionality, including mobile-first design mentality!

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Front End Center
Front End Center

is my podcast project. I combine my experiences working with multiple teams and contract-clients to identify what makes front-end work function. It's an ongoing effort, with weekly releases and constant growth.

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Stratum Studios
Stratum Studios

is my ongoing business project, which began in 2010. Stratum Studios provided my first opportunity to leverage a full brand for my own work, and actively grow my hands-on experience with the benefits and challenges involved. The lessons in both web development and business practices laid my early work foundation.

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