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Chris Landtiser Designer & Developer

A website or application is a complex tool that requires great attention to detail. From planning through implementation and beyond, I use my wide range of creative and technical skills to ensure you get the best possible result with minimal stress.

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The cornerstone of success is making things happen. I start every project by learning your goals in your own words, then selecting the best practices and technology to fully meet those needs. This minimizes unexpected holdups, nasty surprises, and many other common pitfalls for time and money.

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A well designed project blends branding, achievable goals, and a satisfying user experience into one complete solution. Working together we can design something that you're proud to have represent you, while making it easy for your users to get the most out of what you have to offer.

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Translating goals and designs into a functional, accessible site is a challenge unique to every project. I focus on development that works for any visitor on any modern platform. Whether your user is on Internet Explorer 9 or their smart-fridge touch-screen, they're important.

My Podcast

Front End Center is all about design, development, and how to keep working effectively. As a project it's an opportunity for me to explore additional content, as well as include new multi-media tools in my skillset. From setting up my own recording and audio processing to distributing the podcast files from an AWS server, Front End Center has been a fun adventure!

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In addition to my own blog and podcast, I've published posts at a number of other design and development communities. Follow the linked logos below to see those articles!

Work Examples

A lot of work I do is either behind proprietary corporate-logins or under Non-Disclosure Agreements. In light of that, the three projects below are single-page examples of the planning, design, and development I put into my work. Some contain portions of design and code directly from prior client work, where reasonable. They provide a nice preview of what I can do, and are a great point of reference for discussing new projects or specific technical questions.

Architecture Portfolio Thumbnail

Architecture Portfolio ⟶

This portfolio for an architecture firm showcases one of the greatest challenges for modern webdesign: making a media-centric design that impresses users on all screen sizes and formats.

In addition to handling desktops, tablets, and mobile phones with ease, it was of the utmost importance that the site loaded quickly without degrading the quality of the images shown. If an employee was on the road and needed to showcase their company's work on a cellphone with poor 3G connection, only the most optimized solution would work!

Desktop Desktop Button - Architecture View ⟶ Desktop View - Architecture
Tablet Tablet Button - Architecture View ⟶ Tablet View - Architecture
Mobile Mobile Button - Architecture View ⟶ Mobile View - Architecture
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Legal Defense Firm ⟶

Law firms rely on their sites to make a quick, striking impression of professionalism. Proper designs in this field walk the line of modern usability and refined professionalism.

While these projects usually have less complex user interaction, they have a singular goal that everything on the page must serve: putting potential clients in contact with the firm. Image rotators, animated interactions, and other elements must make way for clean and concise "calls to action" that put the firm's contact details into visitor's hands.

Desktop Desktop Button - Legal View ⟶ Desktop View - Legal
Mobile Mobile Button - Legal View ⟶ Mobile View - Legal
Medical Clinic Thumbnail

Medical Clinic ⟶

Many sites are responsible for achieving multiple purposes on a single page. This clinic demo gives its visitors quick access to: business-focused links, patient-focused links, convenient contact information, recent news/posts by the clinic, a user-friendly "Care Finder" search, and information about the doctors at the clinic itself.

Just as important, but not nearly as visible to the normal visitor, is structuring the administration pages of the website so that maintaining, updating, and adding to all of those different sections is easy and painless.

Desktop Desktop Button - Medical View ⟶ Desktop View - Medical
Mobile Mobile Button - Medical View ⟶ Mobile View - Medical