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For Businesses

A reliable and informative website can start or revitalize any kind of business. The ability to present your best side to a customer or client, 24/7 at their convenience, is invaluable. I specialize in taking your business goals (more visitors, new advertising, etc.) and translating them into the technology and design work that gets you results.

Working with a website is also an opportune chance to look at other forms of branding like logos, business cards, and other expressions of your business identity. I have experience growing and shaping high quality branding efforts that I can offer as additional services.

For Individuals

Whether you’re a recent graduate or looking for new opportunities, a website and ‘personal brand’ can be of immense value. When hiring managers have too many applications to even consider, they rely on indicators of quality and effort to select their best options quickly.

A well designed, professional resume is an instant attention-grabber amidst a sea of dense and unfriendly text documents. Add a convenient link to a high quality website and you’ve suddenly leapt to the top of their memory. While everyone else is stuck with employers searching out their Facebook page, let me help show case your best achievements and professional skills on your own website.

Pilot Pride

Alumni Benefits

While project prices can vary based on your needs and goals, all Alumni are given a 20% discount on websites, resumes, and other design / development projects. To encourage additional community growth and outreach, any Alumni who have commissioned a project and then referred a non-Alumni to my services will receive a commission of that project’s cost on completion (eg. 5-10% of project budget).

Chris Landtiser

Who Am I?

I’m a University of Portland ’12 alumnus! I enjoyed my time at the University earning my degree in Political Science, while also joining the Mock Trial team, working with UP’s IT / Web team, and taking a year to travel abroad with the Salzburg program!

In addition, I’m a versatile professional who likes to take on new and interesting work! In a world obsessed with singular specializations and technical buzzwords, I prefer to combine development, design, and business to make engaging and high quality projects.

I have experience working in many roles from many perspectives. I do contract work for local businesses as a one-man developer and designer, as well as actively work with teams for marketing startups and larger firms like Huron Consulting Group . The love of combining complex parts into a single solution is what drives all of my work.

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