How I Work

My goal in every project is to make both the process and the final product as simple and reliable as possible. My combined skills and tools have to provide value to every client, from a local doctor's office through an international enterprise-grade consulting firm. That doesn't leave room for me to be arbitrarily picky about brands, technologies, fads, or even hardware.

Being comfortable across a variety of different technologies, platforms, and workflow methodologies is one of my greatest strengths. One of the biggest values I bring to my clients is the ability to consider options for each stage of a project, and then suggest the most suitable solution to match real-world needs. A two-person realty team doesn't need a SharePoint platform with React-based dashboards any more than a data-driven analytics team would benefit from a Wordpress install on shared hosting.

A holistic understanding of a project is invaluable to the progress and end result of a project. That multi-level foresight avoids endless delays, additional costs, and unexpected technology pitfalls.

Where I've Worked

Huron Consulting Group Logo

Huron Consulting Group Associate Sr. Web Developer

2014 - Present

The Enterprise Applications team provides development and support for mission-critical platforms including the client-facing company website, custom intranet, and many stand-alone applications. With an acquisition-based growth model, we have teams around the globe with an ever-changing technology stack to organize and improve.

Platforms/Technologies: CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, React, Salesforce, SharePoint, Sitecore

Fuel Medical Logo

Fuel Medical Web Developer

2012 - 2014

We were responsible for the creation and maintenance of 50+ audiology practice websites. In addition to being mobile-responsive, the sites also had to meet the needs of each client's unique demographic while being unique to their own branding and identity.

Platforms/Technologies: CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, WordPress, Google Analytics

University of Portland Logo

University of Portland Web Designer

2008 - 2012

My team used a combination of third-party and in-house platforms to grow the University's public-facing website and internal higher-education offerings. A notable project included the custom development of a database and results UI for a University member's international geology project.

Platforms/Technologies: In-house CMS Platform, PHP, JavaScript, MooTools

Landtiser Freelance Logo

Freelance Designer & Developer

2008 - Present

I regularly do contract work with businesses from local small businesses to international teams in need of a front-end or full-services specialist.

Platforms/Technologies: CSS, Sass, JavaScript, jQuery, React, Vue, WordPress, Jekyll, Node, Amazon Web Services, Google Analytics, Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator, Figma