Arrests and charges don't operate on a convenient, nine-to-five business hours schedule. When you need us most, we're there. Our team is always in motion, ready to handle new cases or be there to support you any hour of any day.

Count on us to ensure your case is handled with absolute precision and care, with even the smallest details noted and tracked so that we can provide you the best defense possible.


Being charged with a crime can be a terrifying, confusing process. While we pride ourselves on making your defense as stress-free as possible, we won't leave you in the dark.

It's important to know what challenges you face, and why we work the way we do. We'll never leave you in the dark, hoping for the best. We keep you informed every step of the way so that you can be confident in each next step.


Practice makes perfect, and we have a lot of practice succesfully defending our clients. Through every stage of research, preparation, and presentation, we put our all into your defense.

Arriving in court and seeing all that work put into action can be nerve-wracking. When that time comes, we'll be there at your side.