So what is a Scalable Vector Graphic? It’s a type of image usable on most modern web browsers. IE 8 and the stock Android 2.3 browsers don’t’ support them, but there are pretty comprehensive fallback techniques that cover the gap pretty well. As long as you’re aware of your audience needs and access capabilities, SVGs should be in your tool kit.

What role does front-end work play in virtual reality, and what do the new rules of three dimensional interfaces look like?

Personas can be a powerful corner stone or an Achilles Heel for projects of every kind. Knowing the right way to leverage them makes all the difference.

The reign of terror of internet popups is steadily subsiding. But is there a new pretender to the Throne of Annoyance from interstitial ads?

While a lot of time and effort goes into user interfaces, user experience, and what happens functionally in the user’s browser, it’s important to take the time to consider the length of cable and airwaves between your website’s host and your visitor’s browser.

How we design and develop the front-end of websites has changed a lot over time. In the beginning, Tim said “Let there be text”, and it was good. Text alone wouldn’t last long, though. Even before the internet became a full global phenomenon, human imagination demanded more.