About Me

Chris Landtiser

Who am I?

I'm a versatile professional who likes to take on new and interesting work! In a world obsessed with singular specializations and technical buzzwords, I prefer to combine development, design, and business to make engaging and high quality projects.

I have experience working in many roles from many perspectives. I do contract work for local businesses as a one-man developer and designer, as well as actively work with teams for marketing startups and larger firms like Huron Consulting Group. The love of combining complex parts into a single solution is what drives all of my work.

How Can I Help?

How can I help?

In a world where everything has at least two acronyms, four buzzwords, and endless debate on the 'latest disruptive technology', getting anything done has become laughably complex. I keep projects simple, in every way I can. If you need your business to get from point A to point B, I can do that without thousands of lines of code. When something demands complexity above-and-beyond the norm, I strive to make the technical details as humanly accessible as I can.

No matter what I'm building, you're the expert in what you want and need! I enjoy turning challenging problems into conversations and opportunities for everyone to gain more than they ever expected!

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